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Many aged care providers have already started and resources will run out.


Our Purpose

Better outcomes for residents and business

The Aged Care industry is facing a number of serious challenges around compliance, sustainability, staff engagement, communication and resident autonomy.

Across all these areas, expectations have changed — but our ways of working haven’t.

The Talius™ Smart Care Platform, combined with HSC’s world-class nurse call systems, solves all these challenges in a simple to implement way, unlocking the power in your data to deliver better resident, staff and business outcomes.

The Problem

Spot Checks Are Literally Killing The Aged Care Sector

Having staff constantly doing spot checks is a low-value, high-cost model that isn’t good business.

They Frustrate Staff

Repetitive and inefficient, spot checks frustrate staff and breed complacency.

They Are Too Slow For Interventions

If someone falls they might not be found until rounding is done.

They Are Paper-based

Data isn’t captured, analysed or used to improve the business.

They Are Disruptive

Residents lose their sense of privacy, dignity and independence through constant interruptions.

They Don’t Include The Family

A lack of regular communication leaves relatives stressed and worried about the level of care their loved one is receiving.

They Put Residents At Risk

Residents are at risk of waiting too long for help if something goes wrong.

The Solution

Move From Spot-check Care To Sense-response Care

HSC Technology Group provides award-winning sensors for aged care and a software solution (Talius™) that can connect with any sensors to help improve resident safety and share insights via simple dashboards.

Talius™ is a future-proof, technology-based solution that collects data from a range of sensors in order to improve safety and share insights in simple dashboards. It can be easily integrated with existing aged care nurse call systems and technology.

Why Talius™?

We Make Change Easy And Commercially Smart

Leverage intelligent solutions for a more competitive advantage.

A Platform For The Future

Automate Spot Checks And Free Up Your Staff

We’ve created a platform that unites all devices and technology in one place, giving you the control and visibility required to improve all aspects of your business.

Triple A Model

Awareness - Analysis - Action

Our solution goes beyond simple alerts and is the only system that provides value by:

  • Accurately sensing what’s going on, as often as every three seconds
  • Processing real-time data, at scale, then immediately triaging
  • Connecting with the most appropriate next action

Look After Your Topline, Balance Sheet And Residents

Care that’s commercial

Some of our clients are not for profit but all are for better care, and that costs money.

Thanks to our partnership with Telstra, we can become a recurring revenue generator without requiring any capital expenditure – even generating tech rebates of up to 7%.

The world’s most awarded aged-care specialist sensors

Competitive Technology Advantage

While Talius™ is compatible with all technology, our solution includes imported sensor components you can’t get anywhere else.

These add up to the world’s most comprehensive aged care platform, offered right here in Australia.

How Talius™ Works