Talius Group Limited

Improving outcomes for residents and aged care businesses.

Our Story

Technology is changing the world around us.

We are making sure our elderly citizens are not left behind.

At Talius Group Limited, we understand the challenges of operating an aged care business:

  • Compliance requirements are constantly changing
  • Staff turnover and engagement is a huge problem
  • Families expect constant communication
  • Residents experience a loss of autonomy and dignity
  • Commercially viability is challenging

Our technology solutions are designed to help aged care businesses to improve outcomes for residents while maintaining optimal occupancy.

How we help

The Talius Smart Care Platform becomes the heart of your technology, linking to your systems to help you move from reactive care to proactive care.


It starts by using technology to shift from spot-check care to sense-response care…


Data is captured within Talius – an agnostic AI engine that links in with existing systems and technology then provides oversight in simple dashboards.


Talius uses advanced predictive interpretation to automatically detect anomalies and complete proportional actions.

The result is improved business outcomes (reporting, compliance, data-informed decision making and benchmarking) and better wellbeing for residents (through data-informed care plans, daily living dashboards and personalised care solutions).

Improved Outcomes For Aged Care Businesses And Residents

Resident safety and wellbeing are of utmost importance in aged care.

With Talius, your team can be reallocated from constant spot checks to more meaningful interventions, your residents maintain their sense of privacy and independence, and their families feel more reassured about their loved one’s well being.

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