Data Insights

Data Insights

The Challenge is Enterprise Data Aggregation

Let’s face it, the data itself is not the problem. Everyday, we are bombarded with a seemingly never ending stream of data. The problem is making sense of this data and gathering useful data insights to effect meaningful change and elevate the quality of care.

Talius SmartCare Platform aggregates this data across systems, applications and data sources into “one source of truth” to help you operate safer, smarter and more profitably.

Data Insights

The Data Foundations Talius Uses

Talius is platform agnostic and can aggregate data from your exisJng systems, or from our state-of-the-art sensor technology. We use 5 foundational sources of data to provide the key insights you need to optimise your operations.


Internet of Things – Autonomous data collection using sensors in the home – vital signs, ADL. Linking of devices through medical grade bluetooth.

NLP - Virtual Assistant

Natual language processing – automated routine calls (eg. welfare checks) following a care pathway for escalations to a nurse.

Interactive TV

Social connection, telehealth, care plan and document viewing, scheduling and appointment reminders, quizzes and assessments.

AI and Machine Learning

Algorithms to assess risk and combine the data inputs. Some devices also use AI such as SleepSense and falls radars.

Big Data

Predictive analysis, benchmarking.

Data Insights

Customised Reporting Dashboards

Real-time data is visualised in simple, customisable and easy-to-access dashboards – individualised for family members, executives and carers using desktop computers, or via their smart phone.

Talius Data Analysis Platform

We work with you to better understand what you need to know, the technology required to deliver the data and the threshold benchmarks, which combined with AI and machine learning activates an escalation pathway to initiate actions that will achieve the desired outcome.