Discover The Next Generation In Aged Care Technology

Talius improving outcomes for residents and aged care businesses. Take a look at the main challenges of your industry and how we solve them.

Accurately track all interactions

Collect data on all interactions to ensure regulations and care obligations are met.

Get Ahead Of Royal Commission Recommendations

Change is coming – we can get you there quicker.

Communicate With Families

Give families peace of mind their loved one is being cared for.

Prove Your Compliance

Information is stored in a central place and available at the click of a button.

Secure Resident Privacy And Data

All data is securely stored and encrypted.

Say Goodbye To Paper Trails

Avoid lost or incomplete data trails.

Minimise burnout

Reduce the pressure of time-consuming spot checks.

Increase flexibility

Reallocate care teams to more meaningful work.

Maximise productivity

Reallocate staff to more productive tasks and improve utilisation.

Improve retention

Remove unnecessary task repetition so staff are more engaged.

Improve visibility

Give staff visibility over all their residents at all times.

Improve culture

Connecting your care team to their purpose will improve engagement.

Share data

Families can view real-time data on personalised dashboards.

Ideal for independent living

Talius is suitable for use in home environments.

Alleviate the stress of families

Share key information so family members are always up to date with how their loved one is going.

Peace of mind

Families can see the care their loved one is receiving.

Reduce complaints

Have clear evidence to respond to any issues that arise.

Identify promoters and referees

Easily identify promoters/referrals versus potential detractors or, at worst, legal protagonists.

Data improves outcomes

We move you towards more data-informed management.

Create individualised care plans

Use data to create more effective care plans that suit the individual.

Fully secure

Data is stored securely so residents maintain their privacy.

Move from reactive to proactive care

Automated alerts means help arrives promptly after a fall or anomaly is detected.

More dignity in care

Reduced spot checks mean residents maintain their sense of independence.

Safety and peace of mind

Our technology is changing the negative perceptions of the industry.

Maintain occupancy

Your good reputation will help minimise vacancies.

Recurring revenue streams

We offer revenue streams not linked to DMF or day rates.

Maximise staff utilisation

Use data to reallocate staff to higher value tasks.

Keep a competitive advantage

Stand out from the competition with progressive and personalised technology.

Future-proof your systems

Talius™ can be integrated with any sensor system.

Improve your reputation

Avoid the risks of appearing before the Royal Commission.