Talius Software Features

We’ve created a platform that unites all devices and technology in one place, giving you the control and visibility required to improve all aspects of your business – from improved care team utilisation and resident safety to happier families and stronger business performance – in a way that’s scalable and adaptable, even when standards change.

Sensor Agnostic

Talius connects with any sensor or technology.

Continuous Monitoring

Data is collected from all sensors every 3 seconds, 24/7.

Improve Commercial Viability

Maintain occupancy and tap into recurring revenue opportunities.  

Artificial Intelligence

Talius establishes an understanding of an individual’s routine to alert for anomalies.

Proactive Alerts

The system can alert for anomalies even before an incident has occured.

Easy to Use Dashboards

Get complete activity oversight from an organisational through to an individual level.

Fully Secure Platform

All data and information is encrypted and stored securely.

Data Collection and Analysis

Data is stored electronically in a central location and can be accessed at any time.

data management
Create Data-informed Care Plans

Use the data you gather to provide more personalised care to residents and clients.

Video Gallery

Discover the next generation in aged care technology.

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How Talius Works & Helps in the Aged Care Industry
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The Next Generation of Aged-Care Technology

Talius is the future of the industry, moving away from spot-check care to sense-response care, it becomes the technologically agnostic heart of your operations.