How can technology build valued social connections in the older generation?


Humans are a social species. As social creatures, we are inherently wired to connect with others, with more social connections often boosting our overall well-being. With ageing, individuals often decline in physical and cognitive functions, and social networks may narrow, which directly influences one’s mental and physical well-being.

Studies have shown that:

  • ​​Social isolation has been associated with an approximately 50% increased risk of developing dementia, a 29% increased risk of incident coronary heart disease and a 32% increased risk of stroke [source: Nicholson NR. A review of social isolation]
  • The average quality of life increases according to the amount of social activities individuals participated in (zero = 89.30, one = 93.28, two = 95.25, three = 96.27, four = 96.85) [source: Health and Quality of Life Outcomes study].
  • An ageing individual’s satisfaction with their social networks is a significant predictor of both physical and mental health [source: Journal of Ageing and Longevity]

On the back of a global COVID-19 pandemic, and the pressure coming from the Royal Commission to implement reforms in the way we care for ageing Australians, this issue is something we must address now.

How Technology Can Help

Although technology cannot replace the human element we need in our lives, it can be used to facilitate social networks, maintain interactions with others, and help keep individuals active physically and mentally.

Introducing Uniper, a community wellness solution helping aged care providers to build healthy communities and deliver better care.

Uniper is a social platform that provides access to a community of like-minded people that is accessible directly from the TV, web, tablet, and mobile devices; a place to connect with friends, family, and community as easy as clicking a button on the remote control. Take a class, explore a new hobby, or join an exercise class; Uniper brings all of this to individuals in the comfort of their own armchair.

Some of the key benefits of Uniper are:

  • Improving Health — Whether it’s video visits with their doctor or live activities and recorded classes carefully designed for senior health & wellbeing, Uniper helps you deliver meaningful results.
  • Connecting to Community — Uniper is more than our equipment and services, it’s a door to a community of peers that makes it easier than ever for the elderly to meet new people and stay connected with friends & family.
  • Expanding Horizons — the ever-growing library of informative, enlightening, and inspiring videos, classes, and live activities, empowers members to discover new passions, learn new skills, and pursue their goals.
  • Staying Active — Physical activity is a key part of human health. With Uniper, members can join LIVE physical activities from the comfort of their own home, improving flexibility, stability and energy.

With Uniper, people can join the community, contribute at their own pace, and Connect to Life!

HSC Technology Group and the Talius platform has partnered with Uniper to bring this social technology for the older generation to Australia. Contact us for a demo of the platform.


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