How does Talius Work & Helps


How does Talius work and how does it improve autonomy, safety, and dignity for residents?


HSC Technology Group’s Talius Smart Care Platform actually implements simple, scalable solutions that actually collect the data autonomously. So it doesn’t create any more work but also improves autonomy, safety, and also dignity for residents.

So we now have a situation where we have sensors that are autonomously collecting information that goes through the Talius platform. In that platform, we can then create alerts that proactively support the care team.

The beautiful part is that the residents can now actually have more privacy. So instead of someone coming in and saying, “How did you sleep last night? Have you been to the toilet? Was that a number one or number two? Have you had your meal? Have you had a shower?”

So all of these types of things can go away. Then we have the system continuously monitoring. And we try and do it in a way that’s very simple. With three small devices, battery-operated waterproof sensors, small anchors, and a Sleep sense, we’ve collected more information than any resident has ever had.

This technology has been around for quite a while. The beautiful part of it is its cost-effectiveness of it, and the scalable solutions of networking communications now make it really viable.

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