How Technology Can Solve Staff Retention Challenges


Staff engagement is obviously part of an organisation that you’ll work on. Obviously around conditions, pay and culture.

Invest in supporting your staff

You’re investing back into the staff to support them through these challenges that we’re currently going through.

This will also help with recruitment, differentiating yourself from other providers. One of the banes of most care staff, it’s two things – it’s staff rounding and welfare checking, of actually walking down hallways and opening doors and seeing if people have fallen out of bed. It’s a very menial, boring task. It doesn’t usually ever stop anything.

Introducing Sleep Sense

What we have developed is a first, world-class sensor called Sleep Sense. This actually sits on the corner of the leg of the bed. So the bed sits on top of Sleep Sense.

This one sensor will tell a care staff that a resident’s in bed. From our Talius Smartcare platform, you’ll see every resident in bed. You’re also going to see vital signs such as their heart rate; also their breath rate. You’re going to see when they’re out of bed, and when they come back to bed. This can also turn on the light for dementia wandering and so forth, so we remove trip hazards.

Nurse call system

You don’t need to do staff rounding with this one sensor. Nurses or carers can see all the residents all the time from the station and they will be alerted when an emergency happens.

Installing and Benefits of Sleep Sense for your business

The benefits of this on an HR perspective, you can say, “Come and work at our care company because you don’t have to do staff rounding.” Secondly, is that we’re supporting you with real lifetime data. We have providers currently who have been able to remove one shift in their nighttime. So saving an example of around 3 and a half to $3,000 per week per site by just implementing the Sleep Sense.

I want to highlight as well that we’re now rolling out thousands of the Sleep Sense. It has shown an immediate return on investment.

As far as the installation goes, it actually just goes under the leg of the bed. In an aged care home, we have a tiny ramp and we have a space that goes on the other side of the leg. We’ve won global awards for this sensor. And it just plugs into a power point or to a USB point, so it’s very simple to install and deploy very quickly.

So while we are having these – with the ADF (ADF – Australian Defence Forces) and so forth, and staff shortage crisis in the space, we can actually deploy this fairly quickly and have some pretty immediate effects.

A couple of things it does is from a management perspective, it shows to you existing staff and for the staff, it shows that the management is doing something to help them. It demonstrates that part that will help with your retention. But also then when you are recruiting, you can show that you’re ahead of the game and what you’re looking at doing.

Find out more about Sleep Sense, our emergency alarms, PERs, medical alarms for the aged care at our Products page.

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