New CSIRO Report Outlines How Talius™ Can Help Older Australians Age in Place


new report published by CSIRO has found statistically significant evidence that older people living with a sensor-based platform like Talius™ showed their social care related quality of life decrease was 10 times less than the control group who experienced usual care. This monumental finding validates that sensor-based platforms are beneficial in ensuring older people can live independently in their home for longer.

Over the last 20 years in Australia, the proportion of people aged 65 and over has increased from 12.3% to 15.9%. Whilst on the other side of the coin the aged care workforce is also aging, and skilled workers are leaving the sector due to an increasing workload, long working hours, and low wages. These demographic changes, as well as the desire of people to age at home, call for innovation in healthcare provision to help relieve the pressure and provide quality of life for older Australians later in life.

Harnessing the rapid development of wireless sensor technology, HSC Technology Group has developed the Talius™ platform to help solve the problem of providing health care to an increasingly large number of older people who desire independence. Using discreet sensors to collect data from the physical environment within the home and artificial intelligence to turn that data into relevant information, which is compiled and shared in dashboards. Service providers, family members and other caregivers can check these dashboards for any unusual patterns in behaviour, and trigger an appropriate response. This portal gives peace of mind to all parties by providing insight into the activities of daily living of the individual via an app. And perhaps more importantly, gives the individual the confidence to continue to live independently.

I loved it. It was a good feeling when someone called and asked if everything is OK. It made me feel better.

Co-author of the report, CSIRO’s Liesel Higgins, said this technology in the hands of Australia’s aged care workforce will benefit older people who are living at home and receiving community care services.

“This technology takes the guesswork away from the question of your family’s wellbeing when you’re not around,” she said.

Australia’s aged care sector is growing and evolving at an unprecedented pace. Our aging population, changing regulatory requirements, and shifting community expectations are just some of the factors placing extra strain on Australia’s aged care services. It’s great to see technology through innovations like the Talius™ platform come to the rescue, and the scientific validation to back it up.