The Evolution of Bed Monitoring in Aged Care: From Bed Mats to Sleep Sense


Technology has revolutionised the way we monitor elderly individuals and has improved their quality of life. With the advent of smart home devices and wearable technology, we can now overcome the aged care industry challenges and track senior citizens’ health, safety, and activities, giving them more independence and privacy. Their family members can also have peace of mind knowing that they can be quickly alerted in an emergency.

But before the introduction of smart home devices, care providers used bed mats to monitor elderly individuals. These mats were placed under the sheets and detected movement and pressure on the bed. However, they were often uncomfortable, made of hard plastic, and disrupted sleep. The mats were also connected to the wall via a cable, which could be a fall risk for the elderly.

Bed sensors were another device used to monitor individuals while they slept. They were battery-operated, smaller, and placed on the floor or beside the bed. They worked by detecting movement when the person got out of bed. While they offered portability and ease of use, they often raised false alarms and were not always effective in detecting changes in an individual’s condition.

HSC Technology is introducing Talius™ Sleep Sense, its latest technology for monitoring the well-being of elderly individuals. It’s designed to be placed under the corner of the bed and uses Wifi to communicate with the Talius platform. It provides information on the individual’s movements and well-being, including their heart rate and breath rate, through ballistic cardiography. This technology offers more comfort, effectiveness, and efficiency than bed mats and sensors. It provides more independence and privacy for the elderly and more peace of mind for family members.

If you want to give the best care for the elderly, Talius™ Sleep Sense by HSC Technology is your best option. It’s the most innovative solution for monitoring the well-being of elderly individuals. Its advanced technology and unique features offer a comfortable, effective, and efficient way to monitor senior citizens’ health, movements, and activities.

Learn more about Sleep Sense and the Talius platform here.