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If you have not already begun the transition of your PERs devices off the 3G network, it might already be too late.

Already all the major Australian Telcos have phased out parts of their 3G networks. And while there is some time left before it completely shuts down, if you are yet to give serious thought to your transition strategy, you must start now.

With merely months to go until Vodafone pulls the plug on December 15th, followed by Telstra in June 2024, then finally Optus in September 2024, the challenge of upgrading all 300,000 3G Medical Alarms (PERS) devices in Australia before then is huge, the potential liabilities are frightening, and time isn’t on our side.

While this initial period of transition is likely to be disruptive, the upgrade to more robust and highly efficient networks will provide expanded coverage and are capable of better-supporting the latest features.

You should see the shutdown as an opportunity to upgrade to the latest ageing in place assistive technologies. Long-term, these advanced monitoring devices are not only much more efficient at providing life-saving health interventions, but can also help enhance residents’ quality of life, creating opportunities for greater independence and flexibility.

At Talius, we are here to help guide you through this transition and provide you with the right solution to navigate the 3G shutdown. Call us now for a free consultation on how to get started upgrading your personal medical alarms now.

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