Heritage Northcote begins using sleep monitoring technology


Independent aged care provider Heritage Care is one of the first providers to roll out the Talius SleepSense bed sensor as part of their new Northcote facility in Melbourne’s inner north.

The sensor technology developed by HSC Technology Group (ASX: HSC) is a non-wearable bed sensor that monitors residents’ vital signs and sleep cycles – designed to provide alerts with respect to falls and health emergencies. The Talius platform records this data, offering staff this information in real-time along with heart rate and breathing patterns.

Ailiene Faccin, Residence Manager at Heritage Northcote, says SleepSense technology is far superior to the outdated sensor mats that were traditionally used since the 1980s.

I’m very excited about it, in fact, I think it’s fantastic. I’ve been in the Aged Care for about 14 years and I’ve never seen it before.

Ailiene Faccin, Residence Manager at Heritage Northcote


“As SleepSense is an electronic system, we don’t have to worry about sensor mats, which we know can fail—and also provide no dignity for the resident. With the SleepSense being placed under the leg or wheel of the bed itself, it provides the Resident with quality uninterrupted sleep that can be monitored from the nurses’ station”, explained Ailiene.


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