HSC in the Australian Financial Review


Embracing a new generation of sensors to collect data and support compliance, along with tools like artificial intelligence (AI) to extract more insight from that data, is the key to aged-care providers doing more with less while improving health care outcomes, says Graham Russell, CEO of Talius data analytics platform and sensor tech company HSC Technology Group.

A wide range of Australian industries from agriculture and hospitality have recognised the potential for the Internet of Things (IoT) and artificial intelligence to act as force multipliers amid staff shortages, Russell says, yet the aged-care and health-care industries are lagging behind despite the lessons of the pandemic.

‘‘Going forward, it’s clear that data, IoT and AI will become ubiquitous with the future of providing proactive care which anticipates people’s needs rather than just responding to their calls for help.’’

HSC Technology’s Talius Smart Care Platform brings the data from a wide range of IoT sensors into a single dashboard, providing a holistic and proactive view of the health of residents in aged-care facilities.

Analysing this real-time data can offer a wealth of insights, such as whether a person is at a great risk of a fall, or more vulnerable to stroke, in a modern day example of the philosophy that prevention is better than a cure.

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