HSC Technology Group on Inside Ageing


HSC Technology Group (ASX: HSC) and partners Whiddon, Anchor Excellence and Australia’s national science agency CSIRO, have been awarded an Aged Care Research and Industry Innovation Australia (ARIIA) grant with a total value of nearly $400,000 to run a feasibility study using a data analytics platform that combines sensor technology to prevent falls in residential aged care.

“The prevalence of falls is unacceptably high in residential aged care and more research is required to support quality and safer care”, said Dr Maggie Haertsch, Consulting Clinical Research Director for HSC Technology Group.

“The ARIIA funding will be used to develop the BEST CARE Project, which will provide an excellent opportunity to be smarter in detecting functional changes early and help design care to enable older people to have timely support as their needs change. The aged care workforce is currently under stress and there is much that this technology can do to help. The first step toward implementation of the technology is to address how to make it easy for adoption,” she said.

The BEST CARE Project will test the feasibility of a world-first sensor platform called Talius (developed by HSC Technology) in residential aged care. Talius incorporates an algorithm originally developed and tested in an in-home care setting by CSIRO as part of their Dementia and Aged Care Services trial using the Smarter Safer Homes platform.

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