Trelawear Inc., Leader in Bluetooth Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS), Goes Global


Today Trelawear Inc. announced their international expansion to Australia of next generation jewelry inspired Bluetooth personal emergency response pendants that de-stigmatize wearing an emergency alert device. Partnering with HSC’s Talius® Smart Care Platform and integrated with the FallCall Solutions application, FallCall® Lite, on a user’s iPhone® or Android® device, beautifully designed discreet Trelawear® pendants enable women to Age in Place longer providing a Safety with Style solution for them to maintain their independent lifestyle outside of the home. If the emergency alert button is pushed a help call is activated and HSC connects dozens of 24-hour response partners throughout Australia to the user on their mobile phone to assess the situation and send help if needed. This reliable connectivity provides peace of mind to both the user and their families.

Trelawear found the right partner with HSC in Australia who similarly believed in the importance of de-stigmatizing the wearing of a PERS device, appreciating that women of all ages want to look and feel beautiful while also feeling safe.

Graham Russell, Managing Director of HSCTG, said “Working in the industry for over 30 years with traditional emergency systems, I have seen the challenges around users not wanting to wear the emergency pendant. No one wants to be labelled as old or not capable, and these traditional systems are functional but ugly and stigmatising. Trelawear is revolutionary in design and functionality and will appeal to a wider demographic of ladies looking for a safety solution. HSC and the team are really excited to be bringing this technology to Australia.”

Read the full press release here.

Thank you, Trelawear and we’re excited and looking forward to this partnership.