Communicator 2 – With Intelligent Voice Activation (IVA)

Communicator 2 – With Intelligent Voice Activation (IVA)

Smart Emergency Response Device

 A wireless, smart emergency response device with Intelligent Voice Activation™ technology, integrated into the Care@Home™ product suite solution, providing an added layer of care by allowing residents to call for help when unable to press their panic button.

The Voice Panic Detector features:

  • Intelligent Voice Activation™ (IVA): an always-active technology that recognizes preset vocal commands which trigger specified actions
  • Voice extender feature allows the HSP or caregiver to communicate with the resident when a call for help is made
  • Stationary panic button and optional pull cord (detachable or fixed)
  • Extreme temperature detection
  • LED indications for emergency and system status
  • Water resistant for installation in shower or bathing areas
  • Supports automatic over-the-air software (RSU) programming and configuration upgrade
  • Installation using a desktop mount or wall mount using mounting tape or screws
  • Accessories: external pull cord trigger and desktop mount

Care@Home Communicator enables voice extension over the whole house, a two-way voice conversation, resident location capabilities, all on battery-operated devices that can be installed in every room of the home, including the shower where most falls occur.