Uniper Digital Telehealth Concierge

Uniper Digital Telehealth Concierge

Uniper is a product that helps older adults lead a healthy, vibrant, and social life — on their own terms, helping older adults connect to life.

This technology is easy to use but powerful, connecting members with their loved ones and community directly through their TVs, tablets, mobile devices and the web with the push of a button.

The UniTV Kit
The UniTV set-top box is available in two distinctive models, designed to ensure you get the best fit for your home. Both boxes include full support for all of Uniper’s core functionality.

UniTV HD is designed to provide hassle-free integration into home configurations with a cable box or receiver. The sophisticated HDMI-passthrough design enables seamless integration between Uniper and Live TV.

UniTV Direct
UniTV Direct is tailor-made for those using a direct CO-AX connection to their TV.