All-in-one medical watch is an innovative wrist-worn medical-grade vital signs long-term, continuous, and comfortable monitoring solution for in-hospital, post-discharge and home hospitalization, ambulatory, and on-the-move usage.

The CardiacSense Watch enables:
– Ultra-fast patient set-up
– Continuous long-term medical-grade monitoring from the moment worn
– Online data transmission to the mobile app, to physicians, monitoring centers, and/or hospital EMR systems.

The CardiacSense Watch can monitor major vital signs and detect heart arrhythmias such as A-fib, Tachycardia, Bradycardia, PVCs, Pause, and Cardiac arrest. The watch can detect the early signs of deterioration for chronic patients that are suffering from COPD and CHF. These signs will allow early treatment that will prevent hospitalizations.

Category: Vital Signs, Vital Signs

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