Nurse Call

Talius provides a compliant nurse call platform and critical messaging technology that meets the needs of all users and regulatory authorities. Our proprietary call messaging engine is engineered to improve communication, workflow efficiencies, resident care and safety for aged care facilities, independent living units, home care in Australia and New Zealand.

Talius Nurse Call platform leverages AI to enable automatic generation and delivery of detailed reports to allow a carer or a manager to make decisions depending on the current state of the Accommodation cycle.

Its features include:

  • Escalations & Notifications
    • Ensure that every call gets answered within a certain time frame. Different escalation types from repeating the call to an overflow caregiver or notifying a Manager.
  • Rostering
    • A built-in rostering system which can change who, when and how the calls are delivered.
  • Reporting & Statistics
    • Exhaustive Reporting module allows any authorised user to choose and generate reports quickly and efficiently.
  • Devices and Sensors
    • Includes a wide range of devices including real-time two-way connected pendants, calls points, bed mats, door opening detection devices, wandering resident alarms..
    • Full two-way communication with Android Smart devices. Application designed for the industry as a single device solution to replace pagers, phones, radios. (Not included)
  • 3rd Party Inputs
    • Our Open API system can monitor data, coming from subsidiary systems. e.g. Fire Panel, Security Systems, Building Management Systems, etc
  • Integrates well with  
    • Vocera
    • Dect Phones
    • Pagers
    • SmartPhones – Application IoS and Android
Category: Health Care, Nurse Call

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